Barkman Honey

Other Sweeteners

Barkman Honey has quite a few natural sweeteners to offer refined palates. Every one of our alternative sweeteners is made with the same dedication to quality as our honey.

Sweet Select Molasses

Deep in color and rich in flavor, our Sweet Select Molasses is an all‑natural unsulphured molasses derived from freshly squeezed sugarcane stalks. It is cooked and processed without use of chemicals, additives or other sweeteners. Available in 1 gallon jug or 5 gallon pail.


  • 100% natural and unsulphured (no chemicals, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives used)
  • Natural sweetener derived from cane sugar
  • Rich in flavor and aroma
  • Thick and dark caramel colored


  • Perfect for sweetening breads and rolls, muffins, cakes, pies, cookies and other desserts
  • Great for adding to BBQ sauces, meat glazes and marinades


Nutrition label shown for educational purposes only. Servings represented are for 1 Gallon.

Sweet Select Agave

Sweet Select Agave is a pure light blue agave made from the Weber Azul blue agave plant. This agave is light in color, mildly sweet in flavor and incredibly versatile in recipes. Available in 1/2 gallon jug.


  • Low glycemic index
  • Gluten and allergen free
  • Fat free and low in sodium
  • Organic, vegan and kosher friendly
  • No additives or preservatives


  • Highly soluble in beverages, hot or cold – make better-for-you natural smoothies
  • Sweeten dressings, sauces and marinades
  • Incorporate into baked goods and desserts
  • Offer as a tabletop sweetener
  • Substitute for granulated sugar, corn or rice syrups, and maple syrups

Nutrition label shown for educational purposes only. Servings represented are for 64 fl oz.