Barkman Honey

Stand Out Sweeteners

Our quality branded, 100% honey varieties cover all consumer tastes, from traditional honey to one that is truly raw.

Naked Wild Honey

Today’s consumers seek raw honey for its full-bodied flavor and minimally processed goodness. That's why Naked Wild Honey is strained instead of filtered and gently processed to retain the natural pollen, enzymes, flavor and aroma present in raw honey. To learn more about Naked Wild Honey, please visit

Busy Bee

For more than 50 years, Barkman Honey’s flagship brand has delivered quality 100% honey to retail and foodservice operators with a promise of “Clearly Nature’s Finest.” Busy Bee is traditionally processed honey and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. Varieties range from clover, orange blossom and wildflower to light amber and organic. Retail and foodservice sizes available.

Pure ‘N Simple

If you’re looking for a bulk honey offering with a light amber flavor and color, then Pure 'N Simple is the right choice. It’s an imported and True Source Certified® honey that plays well with other ingredients. Available in an 80 oz (5 LB) jug exclusively at Walmart.

Thrifty Bee

We feel that everyone should have access to quality sweeteners. Our robust Thrifty Bee honey accomplishes just that. It’s an imported and True Source Certified® honey defined by a rich flavor and color that fits within most food budgets. Available in a 8 oz container.