Barkman Honey

A Sweet Offering for Our Private Label Customers

We’ve delighted retail and foodservice customers with quality, fully traceable, 100% honey for more than a half century. From clover, orange blossom and wildflower to light amber and organic – Barkman Honey brings versatile, one-of-a-kind sweetness to the table.

Our customers benefit from:


We’ve streamlined the process with “one call, one order, one ship” capabilities that consolidate both private brands and Barkman Honey brand honey and sweeteners for maximum cost efficiency.

Quality & Customization

We meet our customers’ tastes and product expectations through testing, personalized honey profiles and suitable containers. It all starts with our state-of-the-art lab technology that puts our honey through rigorous testing to ensure it is safe, quality 100% honey. After testing, our Sensory Experts craft outstanding individual flavors that are consistent from bottle to bottle.


Whether you’re in the foodservice industry or the retail sector, we offer a wide array of containers that are perfect for your line of work. You’ll find everything from the classic honey bear to the innovative inverted bottles. Even the closures are well-thought-out. They are easy-to-use and can make all the difference with each pour.